About Dave

Dave Gipson is an author, father, husband, and pastor of Naples Family Church. But he’s a few more things as well…

Dave is a connoisseur of God’s wonder and presence. He delights in the creative power of the Holy Spirit, and in authentic worship. 

Dave comes alive in front of a crowd, and the stage is his second home. But while he doesn’t mind the spotlight, he’s especially thrilled seeing other people use their gifts to their full potential. 

Dave is an avid collector of friendships, even with those who disagree. Approaching nonbelievers with humility and kindness, he says, “I’ve never won an enemy to Christ, only friends. Therefore, I endeavor to make EVERYONE my friend, so that I may introduce them to my best Friend”.

Dave lives out a reckless faith. He comfortably inhabits places on the fringe, whether walking the inner city streets of Chicago or St Louis, or witnessing to murderers behind bars. 

Finally, Dave and his wife Dawn believe in saying “yes” to God, no matter what. Now raising their 4th and 5th adopted children, they want to live out their lives with arms wide open.

An adoptive father of multi-racial children, Dave has worked with jail inmates, the homeless, and those in recovery from drug addictions. 

His expertise in personal evangelism was recently highlighted for its ingenuity in church strategist Ed Stetzer’s book Christians in the Age of Outrageand also in the Naples Daily News.

Dave is also a composer and classically-trained pianist. His music for the TLC series TRADING SPACES won a 2005 BMI award.

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